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Coral Elf racial introduction

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:23 am GMT    Post subject: Coral Elf racial introduction Reply with quote

The first race of Esfah has some powerful advantages, but some significant weaknesses. They are one of a few races that match both colors of their favored terrain, which permits doubling of magic in either color. Many of their dice have no save icons, but when at a Coastland terrain, they may count their maneuvers as saves.

Coral Elf special ability
As their only special ability, Coral Elf units count maneuvers as saves when rolling for saves in a Coastland terrain.

Coral Elf magic - Formed from the elements of air and water, Coral Elves may call upon any of the Blue and Green spells from the basic list, and in addition, they have access to the following spells that are unique to their race:
Blue Spells:
Blizzard (4): Target any terrain. Until the beginning of your next turn, halve all melee results at the target terrain. Multiple castings target multiple terrains.
Degenerate Dragonkin (Cool: Target an enemy army. All Dragonkin in the target army must immediately roll an ID icon or be demoted. Those Dragonkin that cannot be demoted, and all Dragonkin in the casting army, are immediately buried. This spell can only be cast once per Magic Action.

Green Spells:
Bloat Corpses (3): Target one health-worth of units in any enemy DUA. Target units are immediately buried. Multiple castings increase the effect or target another unit.
Part Water (6): Target any terrain. Until the beginning of your next turn, remove the green (water) element from the target terrain for all but the castor’s components. As long as this spell is in effect, the effects of all terrain-targeting spells that require the terrain to have the green (water) element are negated and the effects of all army-targeting spells that require the terrain to have the green (water) element are negated, except for the castor’s spells. Multiple castings target multiple terrains.

The Coral Elves have access to several powerful spells:
· Hailstorm is a nice, cheap spell that is ideal for picking off those annoying one-health armies that your opponent keeps around to advance a terrain die;
· Breath of Life allows you to restore even multi-health units back to life, allowing you to hold your own in a war of attrition;
· Blizzard is primarily a protection spell, if you’re in melee range against a superior force, and fleeing is not an option;
· Wind Walk is frequently the key to victory when an Eighth Face is in contest;
· Lightning Strike is one of the most effective offensive spells to target large units such as Rares and Monsters;
· Watery Double is a useful, low-cost protection spell, that stays in effective for Dragon attacks the next round;
· Use Bloat Corpses to bury powerful units killed by your Lightning Strike spells, especially Trolls wherever possible;
· Wall of Ice generates a few quick saves (even if temporary ones), often helping your army survive an attack, only to better fortify their position next turn;
· Wall of Fog is a useful protection spell, especially against missile-intensive armies;
· Part Water can be useful especially against an annoying Swamp Stalker army that has been casting Mire spells, taking away their ability to do this;
· Flash Flood, cast under the right circumstances, can change the flow of the game, especially when it successfully takes control of a terrain away from your opponent;
· Dragon summoning is important as a means to whittle away your opponent’s forces, and both Blue and Green Dragon breath are very effective, especially against large armies; and
· Finally, if your opponent gets off to a head-start on dragonkin summoning, hang back for a couple of turns, and then hit your opponent with Degenerate Dragonkin. It’s an expensive spell, but it’s worth the look on your opponent’s face when he or she loses most of their dragonkin in play. Then you can start bringing in your own dragonkin next turn with Summon Dragonkin spells, and take an important edge in the game.

Coral Elf units
Fighter [maneuver, missile, melee, melee, melee x2]
This is a good standard melee common. Unfortunately, it lacks any saves unless on a Coastland terrain.
Guard [maneuver, maneuver, melee, melee, missile x2]
This common has an equal split between melee, missile and maneuvers. On a Coastland terrain, it has good save potential; however, the even split between melee and missile renders this unit less than useful in a specialized army.
Bowman [maneuver, melee, missile, missile, missile x2]
The Bowman is a competent missile unit, and on a Coastland terrain it can produce a save result as well. The melee icon is unlikely to be very useful in a specialized missile army, but this unit does pack a strong punch.
Horseman [maneuver, maneuver x2, melee, melee, missile]
This is a fairly standard cavalry common, with the majority of its faces having either maneuver or melee icons. With all the maneuver icons, the best place for these units is at a Coastland terrain, where they also generate large numbers of saves. In general, the Coral Elves lack natural saves, so a few of these at the right terrain provide some much needed saves for the Coral Elves, in addition to a few protection spells.
Evoker [maneuver, melee, magic, magic, magic x2]
The Coral Elves have access to powerful Blue magic and protection-oriented Green magic, providing a nice selection of offensive, defensive, healing, and maneuvering spells. The Evoker is a standard common mage, with the primary focus on magic. A few of these can generate some powerful spells, but they are need of protection early in the game, lacking any natural saves.

Trooper [melee x3, melee x3, save x2, missile x2, maneuver x2]
As compared with the Fighter, the Trooper sacrifices some melee icons in exchange for some natural saves. Thus, the Hero can add some much-needed protection in a Coral Elf army operating outside of the Coastlands.
Courier [maneuver x2, maneuver x3, melee x2, melee x2, missile x3]
The Courier has as many maneuvers as any Uncommon cavalry unit in the game. This makes it a very effective unit in the Coastlands, but the split in focus between melee and missile makes it difficult to find a place for this unit in a specialized army. This unit is more effective in balanced, "jacks-of-all-trades" armies.
Archer [melee x2, maneuver x2, missile x2, missile x3, missile x3]
This is among the most focused of uncommon missile units, with 8 missile icons; a few of these are useful in any Coral Elf missile army.
Knight [maneuver x2, maneuver x3, melee x2, melee x3, save x2]
The Knight is similar to the Courier, replacing the missile icons with an additional melee icon and two save icons. At a Coastland terrain, the Knight has an impressive 7 saves, yet it also has some potential to operate at other terrain as well.
Conjurer [melee x2, maneuver x2, magic x2, magic x3, magic x3]
As with the Evoker, the Conjurer has access to a powerful combination of spells. The Conjurer differs little in icon distribution from the Evoker, with the same number of icons as a pair of Evokers. Thus, while the Conjurer may be more of a target for Lightning Strikes, it can be a useful addition in armies where the goal will be to capture a City terrain. That way, commons can be promoted back to Conjurers, boosting the magic strength of your army.

Protector [melee x3, melee x4, missile x2, save x3, Smite x4]
This is a powerful melee unit, with 7 melee icons and 4 Smite SAIs. The main drawback is that it has no maneuver icons, and the 2 missile icons are unlikely to be useful very often.
Herald [maneuver x3, maneuver x3, melee x3, melee x3, Counter x4]
The Herald is one of the best Coral Elf units. At a Coastland, this unit is a melee machine that maneuvers and saves extremely well, and whose 4 Counter SAIs acts as a deterrent to opposing skirmish attacks. A few Herald units co-located at the same terrain can make an opponent think twice about sticking around.
Sharpshooter [missile x3, missile x4, melee x2, maneuver x3, Bullseye x4]
In general, the Coral Elves have more missile icons than most races, and the Sharpshooter is no exception. Its 7 missile icons and 4 Bullseye icons pack a useful punch in a missile attack, and the maneuver icons also help to round out the usefulness of this missile Rare.
Eagle Knight [Fly x3, Fly x3, melee x3, melee x4, missile x3]
The main benefit of this unit is that it is equally effective at any terrain, since its Fly SAIs always generate either maneuvers or saves as needed. However, it is generally preferable to go with some cavalry commons and uncommons instead, keeping them at a Coastland terrain, and taking advantage of the higher average number of icons (per health) on these lesser-health units.
Enchanter [save x2, melee x3, magic x3, magic x4, Cantrip x4]
The main attraction of the Enchanter is the Cantrip SAI, especially since the powerful Wind Walk spell only costs 4pts to cast. The downside is that the Enchanter is an inviting Lightning Strike target, and so it is important to find a way to protect these rare mages early in the game.

Coral Giant [Trample, Trample, Smite, Smite, save, save, maneuver, melee, Counter]
This monster is melee juggernaut, combining its lone melee icon, with Tramples, Smites and a Counter. Two or three of these monsters at a terrain will frequently drive away opposing armies, and it saves 70% at a Coastland terrain.
Gryphon [Ferry, Ferry, Fly, Fly, Fly, Rend, melee, melee, melee]
Few monsters have 3 Fly faces, rendering the Gryphon an effective part of almost any army. The Ferry SAI, while sometimes useful for bringing reinforcements into the fray, is more often used to save the Gryphon when the rest of the army is being wiped out by a superior force. The Gryphon then lives to fight another day
Sprite Swarm [Fly, Fly, magic, magic, magic, melee, missile, missile, missile]
This is a fun unit. While most monsters are geared primarily toward melee, the Sprite Swarm divides its focus between missile and power Coral Elf magic. In addition, its ID icon, when rolled, counts as 4pts of whatever is being rolled for, and is immediately rolled again. This can be especially effective during any magic action where ID magic can be doubled; the ID then counts for up to 8 magic points, and the Sprite Swarm then gets an opportunity to add to that impressive total.
Tako [Entangle, Entangle, save, save, maneuver, maneuver, melee, melee, melee]
While this monster packs some melee punch, there are better monsters to include in your army. The Entangle SAI is not as effective as most other melee-oriented SAIs, as it does not kill the targeted unit, and even disappears if the Tako is killed.

Coral Elf SAIs
Bullseye (Sharpshooter): During a missile action, each Bullseye result immediately inflicts one point of damage. The total damage may individually target one or more units in the defending army as the acting player chooses. Each target unit must immediately generate saves against the damage assigned to it. During a dragon attack or missile avoidance roll, Bullseye generates missile results.
Cantrip (Enchanter): During a magic action or magic negation roll, Cantrip generates magic results. During any non-magic action, save roll or non-maneuver avoidance roll, Cantrip can be used to purchase spells that are immediately resolved.
Counter (Coral Giant, Herald): During a melee attack or melee avoidance roll, Counter generates melee results. During a save roll, Counter generates save results. During a save roll in a melee attack, Counter immediately generates both save results and melee results upon the attacking army or unit. Only magical saves protect against this damage. During a dragon attack, Counter generates save and melee results.
Entangle (Tako): During a melee attack, choose up to four health-worth of units in the defending army to be immediately entangled. The target unit(s) cannot be rolled until the beginning of your next turn. Killing the entangling unit negates the effect.
Ferry (Gryphon): During any non-maneuver roll, the ferrying unit may immediately move itself and up to four health-worth of units in the army containing this unit to any other terrain.
Fly (Eagle Knight, Gryphon, Sprite Swarm): During any roll, each Fly result generates one maneuver or one save result.
Rend (Gryphon): During a maneuver roll, each Rend result generates one maneuver result. During a melee attack or melee avoidance roll, each Rend result generates one melee result; roll this unit again and apply the new result as well.
Smite (Coral Giant, Protector): During a melee attack, each Smite result immediately inflicts one point of damage on the defending army or unit; no saves (including those provided by spells) can stop this damage. During a dragon attack or melee avoidance roll, Smite generates melee results.
Trample (Coral Giant): During any roll, each Trample result generates one maneuver or one melee result.

The Coral Elves have two significant advantages at a Coastland terrain: Their racial ability to count maneuvers as saves; and their mages can double both blue and green magic. Most units of the Coral Elves have few natural saves, and Coral Elf mages are weak when left unprotected. To compensate for these weaknesses, one good idea is to summon dragonkin to protect them. If at a Coastland terrain, Light Melee and cavalry units make good escorts for the mages, until the mages can stand on their own against enemy attacks. Watery Double and Wall of Ice can protect your units. Wall of Fog can thwart your opponent’s missile strikes. Wind Walk promotes successful maneuvers towards taking and securing the Eighth Face. Cast Lightning Strikes to kill off opposing mages, Rares, and Monsters. Cast Breath of Life spells to heal up your own units to avoid losing a war of attrition.

Some sample armies to try…
Heralds x6
Conjurers x5
Evokers x8
Pull your mages back to the reserves, and use your Heralds to pack a strong melee punch, and clear the way to an Eighth Face City. Bring your mages to the captured Eighth Face, where they can begin to cast devastating magic strikes and heal up your forces. Fortify your position, then move your Heralds to a different terrain, and start the process all over again; this time your mages, now at a terrain, can also use their Lightning Strikes to cut apart your opponents along the way to your second captured terrain, and victory.

Conjurers x5
Evokers x8
Horsemen x18
Use your Horsemen to win the maneuver roll, and bring your mages into the reserves. Next turn, if your Horsemen are in a good position at a Coastland terrain, move your mages to join the Horsemen, where they will be protected. Move towards capturing an Eighth Face, then fortify your position and move your Horsemen to another terrain and work on capturing that as well, while your mages support your cavalry with protection spells and Wind Walks.

Coral Giants x3
Gryphon x1
Heralds x6
Speed Slippers x2 or Knight x 1
This army is a melee powerhouse, and needs to take advantage of Coastland terrains to be effective. Use your Coral Giants and Heralds to send your opponents running as you move through the melee faces towards one or two Eighth Faces. In the meantime, you can expect some offensive spells to come your way, so you need to be able to convert your maneuvers to saves. The Gryphon provides a bit of fighter cover to your forces, and can move back and forth between terrains as needed, when Ferry is rolled.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:28 am GMT    Post subject: Reply with quote

One other important aspect to the Coral Elves you didn't mention here; both they and their Coastland terrain are VERY missile friendly. From 2 all the way to 5, your missile units, backed up by lights, can pour hurt on the frontier or your enemies horde. Get a decent low result, and you may be unopposed by the time you maneuver the terrain up to 6.
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