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Dragon Diceā„¢: Scenarios

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:48 pm GMT    Post subject: Dragon Diceā„¢: Scenarios Reply with quote

Lately I have found myself becoming more and more involved in another game, called WarMachine. Though the initial similarities between tin models and dice might seem relatively small, it actually allows for some really nice comparisons. But one potential comparison especially caught my eye. Scenarios.
Normally, WarMachine has a standard mode of play, which is a bit like chess: bash the opponent until he either has no way of winning, or kill his king. While this game mode works very well, it kind of gets a bit a one-dimensional after playing it too much. So instead, the game-developers came with a rule-set for organized play which included all sorts of new modes to play the game: the scenarios. They represent all kinds of circumstances under which to forces might clash, and by doing so, also introduce different sorts of challenges. This means that in some cases, armies that would fare great in the ordinary mode of play will have a hard time attaining scenario objectives, while 'weaker armies' can all of a sudden do quite well.
This standard scenario with two ways to win seems to translate quite well to DragonDice. So the question seemed obvious: How about, instead of changing the rules, we introduce a new way of playing?

So what kind of things should we think about? I haven't fully worked this out yet, so I'm going to just blurt out some wild ideas that bear some resemblance to the WarMachine rules.
First of all, destroying the opponent entirely should always count as a win Wink. However, the secondary objective might be quite different from getting two 8th-faces. Some examples:
- King of the Hill: At the start of his turn, a player scores a scenario point when controlling the 8th face at the frontier. The frontier gives no benefits other than choosing what action is available and bonuses associated with the specific 8th face icon. A player wins when he has 2 points more than his opponent.
- Sacrifice: At the start of his turn, a player scores a scenario point by sending 5 health worth of his own dice at the opponents home to the DUA while controlling an 8th face at his own home. A player wins when he has 2 (or 3) points more than his opponent.
- Close Quarters: Starting from turn 3, a player scores a scenario point at the start of his turn if he has over a third of his army at the frontier and an opponent has less than a third of his army at the frontier. A player wins if he has 2 points more than his opponent. The 8th face at the frontier offers no bonuses other than choosing what action is available and bonuses associated with the specific 8th face icon.
- Capture the Flag: Place a flag token on all home terrains. A player can pick up the opponents flag by winning the maneuver roll on the opponents home terrain and not altering the facing of the terrain. Assign the token to a specific non-monster die, this is now the flag carrier. The flag token now follows the rules of a magic item, but it cannot be targeted and only the flag carrier can carry the flag. If the flag carrier dies, the flag is immediately returned to the opponent's home terrain. A player scores a scenario point if he has a flag carrier at his home terrain at the start of his turn. Upon scoring, the flag is removed from the game, and returns to the opponents home terrain at the start of his turn. A player wins if he has 2 points more than his opponent. 8th faces at a home terrain do not allow maneuvers to be doubled due to an 8th face.
- The Great White Dragon: All dragons brought by players are kept out of the game. Instead, a white drake, the Great White Dragon is placed at the frontier. The Great White Dragon ignores all belly results, and does not fly away on a wings result. The white dragon cannot leave play. When a player would destroy the Great White Dragon, he instead scores a scenario point. A player wins if he has 2 points more scenario points than his opponent.

The possibilities for this are endless. It might even be possible to include minor terrains, dragons or dragonkin to the rules.

Apart from this, there might be new rules regarding deployment. For example:
- Reinforcements: A third of your army must start outside the game, and enters play on turn 2. The army must be placed at a terrain/the reserves (not sure which).
- Unprepared: Players must divide their forces as evenly as possible among all three terrains.
- Ongoing Battle: Players must place at least a third but no more than half their force on the frontier.

These scenario-rules don't even have to be included in the main rules. A 'tournament pack' might be much more advisable, as it allows you to change the scenarios every once in a while. The idea is to have different rounds follow different rules, forcing players to build all-round lists that could potentially do well in different situations.

I'm kind of excited by these possibilities, but then again, I might just be nuts. So, thoughts?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:38 pm GMT    Post subject: Scenarios Reply with quote

The various game and tournament formats developed over the years reflect the evolution of Dragon Diceā„¢ as a game into more of a rules system that can be used for almost any scenario or format (not unlike Magic, or SL/ASL).

The most popular tournament formats are:
36-health Constructed (Advanced Rules, 50% magicians maximum)
Battlefest (Advanced Rules, 60-health, no restrictions).

Other popular formats seen at conventions include:
No Magicians (Intermediate Rules, no magician dice)
Single Race (Intermediate Rules, all one race, 50% magicians maximum)
Sealed Starter (Intermediate Rules, one 2-player starter only)

Other formats I've seen and/or used include:
Constructed Starter (two different races, two 18-health armies in the same distribution of dice types as would be found in a 2-player Starter)
Regiments (36-health, usually a single race, 50% magician max, must start the game with three 12-health armies, sometimes an additional restriction is 1 rare, 2 uncommons, 5 commons in each army)

Multiplayer is definitely a different type of game versus a 2-player game, as it introduces a political factor (or "the enemy of my enemy is my friend").

Each of these formats brings a different set of armies and circumstances to play the game by. The use of Advanced Rules opens up the possibility of using dice and rules not permitted with Intermediate play (Dragonkin, Hybrid Dragons, Magic Items, Minor Terrains, Promotional Dice, White Dragons and the Battlefields special terrain dice).

Scenarios often add specific rules necessary for the scenario (specific army construction, specific set-up, unique victory condition or alternative victory condition, alterations to the rules for one or all players, new abilities, spells, or bonuses for fulfilling certain conditions) and can force players to think differently.

I recall finding scenarios at some of the Dragon Diceā„¢ fan websites, like the Dragon Diceā„¢ Revival Cooperative (ddicerc's website).

Some scenarios I involved 3 players, while some are 2-player games, but have a third force that operates under specific rules and conditions. I've seen some scenarios where the objective of one player is to get to one or two 8th Faces, while the opponent must get to one or two "1" faces. Sometimes the Frontier is the primary goal to move to either the 1st Face or the 8th Face.

So, "no", it's not as wacky as you might think.
Daniel Burkley
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"Single Race": DEXCON 2008, GENCON 2010, 2011, 2014 (co-champion), 2017
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:45 pm GMT    Post subject: Reply with quote

Take a look through the old games we've played at the Windy City Bone Rollers (Under the conventions and events). We've played some pretty strange scenario like games.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:04 pm GMT    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was *just* today thinking about how useful this could be, relevant to another discussion. A quick point, however, on dburkley's post.

@dburkley: The numerous options you listed were all army-construction variations. The options listed in the OP are all gameplay variations. They are very different things.

So, on topic here. Many games - such as Warhammer 40k - have a "default" win condition (wipe out your opponent). However in addition, there are "scenarios", as you put, which are even used in (all) tournaments. So you can always go for the "default" win, but there is always the main objective, depending on your scenario.

I hear Jim mention somewhat often that DD is a timed game, and often the winner is decided by whose army is faster. If we were to institute a set of standard "scenarios", either determined prior to the game/tournament, or rolled from a list, it would make the games play faster and open up new options and strategies.

King of the Hill - I'm not 100% on this as is, but it's an excellent starting point. Focus the armies to the Frontier and make them go back and forth over it.

Sacrifice - This one is a little... strange. So you just throw half your army over to their home and start sacrificing them to win?

Close Quarters - More options to force players to the Frontier. Could we combine this, somehow, to King of the Hill? Players get 2 points each turn they control the 8, and 1 point for each turn they outnumber their opponent? Winning at 5 points or something? How do we stop it from becoming a big turtle-fest at the Frontier?

Capture the Flag - I don't like the idea of introducing a unit-sticky effect to a scenario. I'm not sure there is another way to capture the "feel" of Capture the Flag. I'll think on it.

Great White Dragon - This is another cool idea. It'd require a little tweaking, but it's definitely worthwhile.

So, I think this is definitely a good idea.
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