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Predicting the 5ths!

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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 5:11 pm GMT    Post subject: Predicting the 5ths! Reply with quote

Now that we've seen the first two of the missing 5th monsters, perhaps we can make slightly more educated guesses as to what will be on the other three, the Leviathan, the Lurker in the deep and the Nightmare.

To start off, an analysis of the Cannibal and the Behemoth:
- A first thing to note about the new monsters is that they both save quite decently, a trend that I think will continue with the new monsters.
- A second note regards the SAIs. The Cannibal and the Behemoth both have at least one new SAI face, and several that were race-exclusives (or even exclusive to individuals). I anticipate that this distribution of SAIs will continue on the other new monsters.
The Cannibal has one new SAI (Net), three SAIs that were race/individual specific (Swallow, Sleep, Stun), and one that was quite common (Surprise). The Behemoth has two new SAIs (Smash, Charge), two race/individual specific (Bash, Roar) and one common SAI (Trample).
- Then we have to consider what the monsters actually are. The Leviathan seems to be a gigantic sea-snake-like monster. The description about the The Lurker in the Deep seems elusive to what it actually is, but it seems to have an affinity for, well, lurking. The Nightmare seems to be some sort of evil horse, I picture it to be all fiery and stuff.

So, assuming these lines will continue among the other 5th's, we should be expecting moderately saving monsters that are thematically linked to their descriptions, and with 1/2 new SAIs, 2/3 race/individual specific SAIs, and 1/2 common SAIs.
Here are some thoughts of what I think are options for the monsters:

With this monster being a big hulking sea monster, I expect it to be quite nasty in melee. A bit of maneuver icons to reflect speed from size, and a few saves to represent a tough hide or just general toughness.
Wave was my first thought when I though about the Leviathan. Being a big scary water creature, it's bound to make big waves. Staying with the Swamp Stalker vibe, I thought Tail might be an option as well, though that would mean two Swamp Stalker icons on a Coral Elf monster. Smash could also be an option, and even Coil or Entangle (though it is a bit of a lousy SAI) might be fitting. Ferry could also work, the Leviathan could easily pull a boats around Wink.
As for the SAI, I can only come up with exotic stuff. Drag to the Deep for example: (If at a green terrain?) target is killed and buried unless it rolls for maneuver. The Leviathan is removed from the game until the start (end?) of your next turn, then placed back at a (green?) terrain of choice.

Id, Drag to the Deep, Wave, Ferry, Counter, Save, Save, Maneuver, Melee, Melee.

Lurker in the Deep:
Apart from a preference towards hiding, I don't really have a clear picture of what this monster is supposed to be. My mental picture holds somewhere between the Fireshadow, a balrog and something creating illusions or shadows. While it would be cool for this monster to be a magic user or missile unit, I think it will simply be a melee-ish beast with a good bit of general utility.
With such a vague idea, my list of possible unique/racial SAIs the Lurker could use is rather big. The fiery part of my mental picture gave me ideas such as Flame (bit lame), Firecloud (cool) and Create Fireminions (take THAT evil Fireshadow!) while the shadowy part gave me ideas such as Vanish (which I would find very fitting), Wither, Illusion (others do this quite a bit already) and Confuse.
The special SAI is just as hard as the rest is, for all the same reasons. I'd expect something like Grand Illusion or Darkness. I expect this to turn out as an army-wide utility SAI.

Lurker in the Deep
Id, Darkness, Firecloud, Vanish, Wither, Illusion, Maneuver, Save, Missile, Melee.

Imagine 'my little pony', but then significantly bigger, with wings, moodier, scarier and on fire. That should probably generate the right mental picture. I expect this monster to be quick and fiery.
Too bad, this doesn't generate all that many interesting options for SAIs. Fly, Trample and Flame have all been done before. The only really interesting SAIs I could find were Scare and Elevate. Scare, despite being s sucky SAI, would fit perfectly, as its a nightmare after all. Elevate would be kind of obvious as well, though on the other hand I wouldn't want to ride a burning horse.
As for a special SAI, Rout would be excellent. It would be another old rule revived as a SAI, and it would be quite fitting to a scary demon-horse. Something along the lines of 'During a melee attack (during your turn?), if the opponent rolls more ID results than Save icons, you may turn the terrain die down one step and make another attack. This may be a missile attack if the terrain is rolled to a missile face'.

Id, Rout, Scare, trample, fly, fly, melee, melee, save, maneuver

Wow, this wave of thoughts turned out to be bigger than expected. Please, don't be intimidated by my wall of text however, and share your thoughts on what you think the new 5th will look like!

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