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Joined: 12 Jul 2016
Posts: 79
Location: Columbus

PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 11:32 am GMT    Post subject: Trades Reply with quote

Looking for a few dice. Will trade the things I have for this I don't (see file link).

Nightmare 1

Coral Elf
Leviathan 2

Behemoth 1
Roc 1
Umber Hulk 2

Wolf-folk 1
Vulture-folk 1
Hawk-folk 1
Falcon-folk 1

Magi Promo 1
Frost Ogre (TSR) 1
Frost Ogre Promo 1

Cannibal 1

Lava Elf
Lurker in the Deep 1

Unseelie Faerie 1
Searer Promo 1
Inferno Promo 1
Quickling Promo 1
Unseelie Faerie Promo 1
Will o Wisp promo 1

Swamp Stalker
Warmonger 2
Marsh Mage 1
Deluger 2

Willow 1

Ghost 1

White Drake 1
White wyrm 1
All hybrids 1

Black Seven-League Boots 1
Black Heartseeker 2
Black Magi's Crown 2
Black Speed Slippers 2
Black Trueflyer 4
Black Sight Stone 1
Blue Seven-League Boots 1
Blue Vorpal Sword 1
Blue Gilt Shield 1
Blue Dawn Blade 2
Blue Flicker Foil 2
Blue Trueflyer 2
Gold Seven-League Boots 2
Gold Vorpal Sword 1
Gold Magi's Crown 2
Green Seven-League Boots 1
Green Vorpal Sword 2
Green Magi's Crown 1
Green Ring of Stars 1
Green Flicker Foil 1
Red Vorpal Sword 1
Red Heartseeker 2
Red Gilt Shield 1

Black Dragon Staff 2
Black Mantlet 2
Blue Blade Golem 2
Blue Mantlet 1
Blue Trebuchet 2
Gold Blade Golem 1
Gold Flying Carpet 1
Green Blade Golem 2
Green Flying Carpet 2
Green Mantlet 2
Green Trebuchet 2
Red Dragon Staff 2
Red Flying Carpet 2
Red Trebuchet 1

Black Dragonsteed 1
Blue Blue Dragonchampion (SFR and Promo) 1
Blue Dragonhero 1
Blue Dragontroop 1
Blue Dragonscout 1
Blue Dragonsentry 1
Gold Dragonsteed 2
Gold Dragonschamp 1
Gold Dragonspy 1
Green Dragontroop 3
Red Dragonfoal 1
Red Red Dragonchampion 1
Red Dragonchamp 1
Red Dragonhero 3

Coastland Castle 1
Coastland Grove 1
Coastland Vortex 1
Feyland Castle 1
Feyland Grove 1
Feyland Standing Stone 2
Feyland Temple 2
Flatland Castle 1
Wasteland City 1
Wasteland Grove 1
Wasteland Standing Stone1

Minor Terrain:
Feyland Bridge 1
Feyland Knoll 1
Feyland Village 2
Feyland Woods 2
Highland Bridge 2
Swampland Woods 1
Wasteland Bridge 2
Wasteland Knoll 1
Wasteland Village 2
Wasteland Woods 1

I have a large number of extras, and so I'm posting​ them at this link. Let me know if there are issues accessing it


Duct tape is like the Force: it has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together Razz
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