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Tips and Tricks and Secrets II

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:52 am GMT    Post subject: Tips and Tricks and Secrets II Reply with quote

Welcome to the New Tips and Tricks

As the rules change,
some of the tips and tricks won't work anymore...
as may these new revised tricks become obsolete with the 3.0 rules,
whatever they may be.

So when I found out about the new path rule...
I had to find a way to get to another terrain...
of course there is still teleport, vanish, wayfare, ferry...

Path Casting Cost: 4 Spell List: Basic
Target any of your units at any terrain. Immediately move the targeted unit to any other terrain where you have an army. Multiple castings target multiple units.

So here is Trick #1

Cast Mirage on the terrain that you are at...Razz Cool

Feral/Firewalker magic

here the spell order is crucial

I use 2 hides on the common firewalker mages,
as they don't have saves...
in case one rolls ID

You simply can't just hide a firewalker mage and just terrain flight because
racial abilities are lost during hide.

Mirage Casting Cost: 5 Spell List: Firewalker
Target any terrain. Each 1-health (common) unit at the target terrain must generate a save or immediately flee to its reserve area. Multiple castings target multiple terrains.

AFTER resolving Mirage...
(the targeted common firewalker mage (as you must declare which unit the hide will be applied to before resolving any spells)
will hopefully not roll a save...
it goes to the reserves,
and the move it (hidden to any terrain)

Hide Casting Cost: 2 Spell List: Feral
Target one health-worth of your units. Until the beginning of your next turn, the target unit 1) makes no rolls, 2) cannot be the target of a melee, missile, magic, or dragon effect, 3) cannot be affected by any disaster effect from a minor terrain or by any racial ability, 4) cannot be taken as a loss to account for damage, and 5) cannot be promoted. Multiple castings increase the number of health affected.

So here you can actually simulate terrain flight at a non blue terrain terrain,
if you only use firewalkers...(common only)
the hide is just a bonus.

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