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Something Wicked This Way Comes Campaign

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 2:55 pm GMT    Post subject: Something Wicked This Way Comes Campaign Reply with quote

my wife hates to play Dragon Diceâ„¢ with me unless there is a story to the game we are playing so i decided that, being a writer, i could come up with something to interest her. This is what i came up with: note that it hasn't been edited so there may be some small typos and gramatical errors (not that i'm sure anyone really cares Wink )

let me know what you think of this story and scenario. any comments or suggestions for the battle would be cool too. also if anyone likes the story enough and wants me to continue with the campaign let me know and i will. i may need some army creation ideas though so i may be asking for some ideas to go with the story.

here it is:

Campaign Scenario #One: “Something Wicked this Way Comes”


The Wizard sat before his musty tomes, his great red beard hiding the troubled creases around his mouth. His eyes closed and he released a great sigh that shook the longer more wild bristles beneath his nostrils. Torchlight sent shadows dancing across the room that seemed to have been naturally formed out of the mountain where it resided. He placed the large hide bound book he had been studying on the desk in front of him and rubbed his eyes with a meaty palm. Why couldn’t he seem to concentrate today? It seemed like something, as yet unidentified, was growing in the back of his mind just outside his awareness. This, he decided, was what was keeping him from concentrating.

He shifted in his chair preparing to weave a simple spell of earth and fire that would help to increase his concentration. The arcane words flowed from his mouth and the elements immediately responded infusing his mind and body with energy. Now he could begin to search his mind with his magically heightened senses for what it was that was gnawing at him. A look of deep concentration swept over his grizzled features as his awareness traveled deep within him. Suddenly he felt it, churning in the clouded portion of his consciousness responding to his magic. He sent his awareness speeding toward it and suddenly it loomed before him, a bloated and magical thing. Although he focused on it, most of it remained vague and indistinguishable. However, he could sense that this was a magical premonition and it came as a warning to him. What it warned against he did not yet know, but its message was painfully clear; something wicked this way comes.

In the distance beyond his trance induced mind and the natural rock walls of the library where he sat, a horn sounded three sharp blasts. The dwarven city of Kartok’ was under attack.

Set Up

In this campaign, one player will play the Vagha™ and the other will lead the Morehl™ invaders. All normal Dragon Diceâ„¢ rules apply in this game (including the optional routing rule). Set up is not normal and will be covered below.
The winning conditions for the Vagha™ in this game are easy. They can claim victory by:
1. Destroying every Morehl™
2. Or holding the highland city they start with for a full nine turns (this represents their repelling the Morehl™ siege).
The Morehl™’s goal in this campaign is to get inside the Vagha™ city. They can do this by sneaking in units during the chaos of battle, or by defeating the Vagha™ to a man. Therefore, the Morehl™ can claim victory by:

1. Capturing the Vagha™’s city terrain in less than nine full turns and holding it.
2. Destroying every Vagha™
3. Having at least one unit present at the Vagha™’s city terrain when the Vagha™ have zero units present at the terrain (this simulates sneaking a unit into the city).
4. Or summoning two red dragons to the Vagha™’s city terrain. This will be enough to break down part of the Vagha™’s defensive walls allowing a unit or two of Morehl™ to sneak inside.
The Morehl™ get to go first in this game.
Only two terrains are used in this game. One is a highland city (the Vagha™’s home terrain) which starts at its eighth face with the Vagha™ in possession (with all that player’s units there). The other is some highland standing stones, which acts as a frontier and starts at its fourth face. The Morehl™ player may split his forces between the frontier and the Vagha™’s home terrain as he sees fit.
The two armies are composed of the following units:

Vagha™: 36 points

4 Footmen
2 Sentries
3 Crossbow men
2 Pony Riders
4 Theurgist
1 Sergeant
1 Patroller
2 Marksmen
1 Warlord
1 Crack-Shot
1 Mammoth Rider
1 Androsphinx

The Vagha™ do not bring in any dragons or dragonkin.

Morehl™: 46 points

5 Fusilier
7 Spider Riders
7 Adepts
4 Duelists
2 Dead-Shots
1 Warlock
1 Conqueror
2 Assassins
1 Rakshasa

The Morehl™ bring in two red dragons but no dragonkin.


Excerpts from the book of Records dated 1019 A.F.R.

The attack by the Morehl™ against Kartok’ came without warning and proved to be a fierce bloody battle. A large band of Spider Riders assailed the outer walls, and though strongly outnumbered, caused the Vagha™ defenders to route. The walls were suddenly defenseless and the defenders knew that they had to turn the tide of battle or all would be lost. Their initial salvation came as General Grahkt, a highly skilled and experienced Warlord. He rallied the defenders who successfully repelled a second fierce assault by the Morehl™ and then led the Vagha™ in a counter attack that nearly wiped out the Morehl™’s assault force.

Once they reclaimed the walls of Kartok’, General Grahkt ordered his forces to rain a hail of arrows upon the Morehl™ encampment just north of the city. This caught the Morehl™ army completely unawares since their commanders were focusing intently on fortifying the highland frontier terrain. The loss of life was staggering and caused the Morehl™ to send their magic users back to the reserves where they would be out of harms way.

The Vagha™ cheered as they watched their arrows decimate the ranks of the enemy and General Grahkt decided it was time to lead a frontal assault against the Morehl™’s remaining forces. Leading the attack, he charged toward the Morehl™ forces with units of cavalry, heavy, and light infantry behind him. The Morehl™ generals however, expected such a maneuver and prepared their forces for a counter assault. When Grahkt and his forces arrived at the frontier terrain the Morehl™ sprang their ambush. The Vagha™ should have been swept aside by the attack, but dwarven battle fury had already possessed them, and they turned aside the assault without a single warrior being touched. Then they struck back leaving Morehl™ bodies in their wake and successfully routing the Morehl™ army. The Vagha™ pursued their fleeing enemy and again plowed into the lava elves. Again, the loss of Morehl™ life was staggering and they fled farther away into the highland territory.

However, the Vagha™ couldn’t keep up with the remnant of Morehl™ left and so General Grahkt ordered his forces to release a volley of arrows into the fleeing army. This would be a costly mistake and his undoing. The Morehl™ easily avoided the deadly missiles and the lava elf generals sent their Assassins to the forefront of their troops. The Assassins let loose a powerful volley of bullets that blew holes in the ranks of the Vagha™. The dwarves were ill prepared for an Assassins’ attack and half their number fell dead. The Vagha™ were now in disarray and were waiting for Grahkt’s next command, a command that never came. He had been one of the first to fall when a volley of Morehl™ bullets tore open his armor and ended his life. A lesser officer ordered A retreat as the Assassins sent another barrage of bullets into the dwarven army.

Though the Morehl™ changed the tide of battle at the frontier terrain, they weren’t any closer to breaching the walls of Kartok’. They were running out of time and, so it seemed to the dwarves, men. However, while the battle with the Assassins was taking place, the Morehl™ necromancers were casting their dark spells in secret. A large portion of Morehl™ dead had been brought back from the grave and was ready to fight once more. They had formed a large reserve army secretly consisting of resurrected dead and necromantic Morehl™. Knowing their time was almost out; they made one last desperate attempt to breach the walls of the dwarven city.
From out of a cloud of death magic marched an army of Morehl™ once thought dead. The Vagha™ units stationed on the walls of Kartok’ sighed in dismay as they realized their mistake. While they were weakening in strength and numbers, the lava elves were replenishing in both. The dwarves gripped their battle axes and the crossbow men prepared to launch volley after volley into the red hoard beneath them. Then the Morehl™ struck the walls in a rabid attack brought on by desperation and battle lust. The Vagha™ repelled the attack for some time, but were finally forced back by the crazed attacks of the resurrected dead. The Morehl™ pursued the dwarves, pressing the attack even harder, knowing victory was near. Another wave of lava elves crashed into the dwarven defenders thinning their ranks and further weakening the city’s defenses. The Vagha™ regrouped and formed a defensive shield wall to try to repel the next wave of attackers. The attack never came. Stunned, the Vagha™ watched as the Morehl™ turned and left the field of battle. Just when victory was immanent for the red hordes, their time had run out.

There was little rejoicing in Kartok’ that night. The same questions troubled the minds of every dwarf in the city. Who or what dictated the Morehls’ actions that day? Why had they given up just when they were about to achieve victory? It was the lack of any answers that chilled the Vagha™ city to the bone.

In the silence of a sleeping and doubt-ridden city, three cloaked figures stepped from the shadows of the city wall where they had been hiding. The Morehl™ army had accomplished what it had set out to do. One of the cloaked figures smiled as it followed the other two deeper into the city.
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