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Dragon Dice™ "Marathon"

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:54 pm GMT    Post subject: Dragon Dice™ "Marathon" Reply with quote

Dragon Dice™ "Marathon" Game
This is a variant of Dragon Dice™, where two or more competing “teams” (ie: armies) race against each other across Esfah. The race must cover at least three different terrains, but can be as long as players agree – but the longer the race, the more time it will take to complete. There is no combat.

Players must bring one “team” of 15-health. No restrictions on race or items, except that the number of units must be equal or greater than the number of items in the team.

Players must also bring one of each “basic” terrain (ie: white ink): Coastland, Flatland, Feyland, Highland, Swampland, Wasteland.
OPTIONAL: The gold-inked terrains from Battlefields may be used if both players agree or by scenario design.

Each player gets a set of chips at the start of a leg: one “maneuver” chip, one “save” chip, and one “option” chip.

How It Works
Competing players bring their “team” of 15-health to register for the Marathon.

The “path” is determined by at least three different terrains the “teams” must go through. Each terrain represents a “leg” of the Marathon.

For the “first leg”, each player must bring a terrain die matching the terrain of the “1st leg”. All players set their terrain die at “1”.

START THE RACE: All players roll their “teams”, looking for maneuver icons and icons that correspond to the current terrain face. At the start, that will be what is on “1” of the terrain (which should be Magic). All teams count up their applicable maneuver and magic, missile, or melee results. The “team” that scores the highest number of total results advances his terrain die to the next level.

All “teams” roll again. If your terrain die is still at “1”, you will be looking for Magic results again. If your terrain die is on “2”, you will be looking for whatever results that face indicates (depending on the terrain). All players will count up their results of each type to compare with all terrain faces currently shown. The player that has the highest result total for their terrain face will advance one level.

EXAMPLE: There are 3 players in the race at a Coastland terrain. Player 1 and Player 2 are at level 1 and will be rolling for Magic. Player 3 is at level 2 and is rolling for Missiles. All players roll their “teams” and count their Magic results and Missile results:
Player 1 has 4 Maneuver, 3 Magic and 3 Missile results (7 for magic level 1, 7 for missile level 2)
Player 2 has 4 Maneuver, 2 Magic and 4 Missile results (6 for magic level 1, 8 for missile level 2)
Player 3 has 2 Maneuver, 0 Magic and 5 Missile results (2 for magic level 1, 5 for missile level 2)

Player 1 has scores the most Magic+Maneuver results, which is what is required at his terrain face, so Player 1 advances to face 2. Player 3 did not score the most Missile+Maneuver results, so he does not advance to the next face. Similarly, player 2 did not score the most Magic+ Maneuver results, so he remains at face 1. Tied winning scores both advance.

After the terrain dice have been adjusted accordingly, players gather their dice to roll for the next round, tracking results matching each terrain face exposed and comparing results to see which team(s) advance.

Use of the “Maneuver”, “Save”, and “Option” Chips
At the start of the 2nd or subsequent round of a race, each player has the option to play a chip, starting with the player who is leading the race. Once a chip is committed by a player, no other chip can be played for that round.

At the start of a round, when player uses a “Maneuver” chip, it changes that round to add only maneuver results, ignoring magic, missile, melee, or save results.

At the start of a round when at least one terrain face is at a Missile or Melee face, a player that uses a “Save” chip changes that round to only consider save results, ignoring magic, missile, melee, or maneuver results.

At the start of a round, a player may use an “Option” chip for one of these purposes:
1. Maneuver results don’t count, only the icons required by the terrain count.
2. Save results are counted with Melee results for a Melee icon on a terrain.

REACHING THE END OF A LEG: When a “team” has turned his terrain to face ‘8’, that “team” has won this “leg” of the Marathon. This concludes the race at that terrain. All unused chips are discarded and a new set of chips is given to each player. Players gather their armies and prepare to start a new “leg” of the Marathon at a new terrain, following the same steps.

Racial Abilities: Not used.

Minor Terrains: Optional. If used, teams may bring up to three different minor terrains to use as “short cuts” to help them at a marathon at a matching terrain. The team may roll the minor terrain along with their team dice. If a different action icon appears, that team can include those types of results for that leg of the race. A “2x” result counts normal for doubling maneuvers or doubling saves. The ID icon lets the player choose any face. A disaster face automatically puts the team in last place for that leg.

Special Action Icons
SAIs are not used. Instead, they count as the closest “normal” action icons (ie: Ferry, Firewalking, Fly, Hoof, Kick, Teleport, Vanish counts as maneuvers; Charge, Choke, Coil, Convert, Counter, Double-strike, Entangle, Flame, Gore, Hug, Net, Poison, Rend, Scare, Slay, Sleep, Smite, Smother, Sneak Attack, Stomp, Stun, Surprise, Swallow, Tail, Trample, Wither count as melee (no re-roll); Attune, Cantrip, Charm, Cloak, Create Fireminions, Dispel Magic, Glare, Illusion counts as magic; Breath, Bull-eye, Flaming Arrows, Gale Force, Seize, Stone, Volley, Web count as missile. (Optional: SAIs that generate normal results are used as written – but no re-rolls.) Players should agree on what an SAI will count for prior to play. The umpire will make the final judgment as to the effects of the SAI on the race.
Daniel Burkley
US National Champion (DEXCON 2007, 2009, 2010)
World Champion (GENCON 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014)
Battlefest Champion: DEXCON 2008, 2011, GENCON 2009, 2010 (co-champion), 2011, 2017)
"No Magicians": GENCON 2008
"Single Race": DEXCON 2008, GENCON 2010, 2011, 2014 (co-champion), 2017
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