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Ivory/Blue Hybrid Dragons

Ivory/Blue Hybrid Dragons
Ivory Hybrid Dragons:

These dragons are hybrids of the elemental dragons and an ivory dragon. Composed of one elemental color and ivory, they have that elemental color in their very makeup, plus all the attributes of the ivory dragons. They generate breath against 5 health of the defending army and the elemental army breath effect (if any) against the army. A Dragon Summoning spell of any color (reflecting their ivory nature) will summon them to a terrain. Eldarim Champions of a single elemental color that match the dragon’s elemental color can affect them normally. White Eldarim Champions affect them normally. Dragon Staffs and Dragonkin Champions of the same elemental color as the dragon also affect them normally. Just like pure ivory dragons, dragonkin cannot be rolled when attacked by an Ivory Hybrid dragon. Like the pure ivory dragons, once summoned to a terrain, no ivory Dragon Summoning spell can move them. However, a Dragon Summoning spell of their elemental color can move them. Ivory hybrid dragons, like pure ivory dragons, always attack the army at the terrain. However, they are attacked by all hybrid dragons that do not have a matching elemental color. Elemental dragons not matching the ivory hybrid dragon’s elemental color and white dragons attack all ivory hybrid dragons.


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