Daemon Dice

In the halls of hell, the Daemon Lords settle their differences like gentlemen. Which is to say, they send their lackeys to do battle for them...

Daemon Dice™ is a quick and easy collectible dice game in which you get to send your daemon warrior into the Infernal Circle to do battle for glory and honor. You build your daemon warrior from an assortment of body parts, each with its own unique abilities. The Seven Symbols and the body part icons on each die tell you what you can do with that die each turn. The color of the die and its ink let you know what breed of fiend provided that body part.Daemons can be pure breeds made of all the same color dice, or any mixture of dice and ink colors.

The Daemon Dice™ starter contains 26 dice, 13 dice for each of two breeds, Frost Fiends and Rot Fiends. That will be enough to get you started in your contest for infernal supremacy. Boosters provide 13 dice for other breeds of fiends.

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