Welcome Con goers! - 08/30/2013

Whether you heard about us at Gencon, Dragoncon, or Pax Prime! We are glad you found us and took the time to look us up!

Starters are available online! - 08/26/2013

We are still working on the distribution channel, but we still have the remainder of the pre-production starters we had made for Gencon. For now, you can get them directly from us at our online store .

A new game, a new site! - 08/11/2013

This website was put online as part of the frantic final preparations for Gencon2013. Whether you already knew about us, saw us at Gencon, or just stumbled across us another way, we welcome you.

This site will mature over the next few weeks, until then it will borrow heaving from the SFR Inc website.

For now please make sure to check out the links on the left to learn about this exciting new game!

Dice Game