Esfah Sagas

In eons past, when time was young and creation malleable, the four powers of Nature — earth, air, fire, and water — the children of Nature, gods in their own rights, brought forth two species of beings to care for their fledgling world of Esfah, created by the all-father, Tarvanehl . One species, the Selumari or coral elves, was created to husband the fluid forces of air and water. The other species, the Vagha, a dwarvish species, embodied the stability of earth and the tempering power of fire. Together, these two peoples worked to nurture their infant world into something glorious and beautiful... but then another god revealed himself: Death...

From author Christopher D. Schmitz and Treeshaker books comes standalone novels and novel series set in the world of Dragon Dice. Chris has taken the lore originally conceived by Dragon Dice designer Lester Smith and expanded the world with stories from various ages in the history of Esfah and her peoples. Some novels come with special promotional dice (while stocks last) unavailable any other way. Immerse yourself now in these epic tales that bring to life your dice battles.

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