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Dragon Dice is now available on Tabletopia

Tabletopia/Dragon Dice

Dragon Dice is now available to play online on Tabletopia. Join in our tournaments over Discord to play any legal army, or play one of our published 2-player formats online:
Sealed Starter Firewalker vs Treefolk
Constructed Firewalker vs Treefolk
Sealed Amazon Kickers
Sealed Frostwing Kickers
Sealed Kicker (choose your packs in the game)
For a few tips/tricks on how to play, please reference this video.

Product Availability

While Out-of-Stock items are an issue with any company, they"re never a good thing to come up against. We"ve had many players asking when certain items are due back in stock, and we are happy to say, we hope to be taking receipt of several products within the month of march. These include:
  • Acolytes of Eldarim
  • Amazons
  • Coral Elves
  • Dragonkin
  • Undead
These products still have an unknown restock date:
  • Rulebooks
  • Spell Cards
Also note, Battlefields is a discontinued product, and will be replaced by three separate products to better tailor to players needs:
  • Terrains: Basic
  • Terrains: Advanced
  • Terrains: Minors
Once we sell out of the current stock of Deadlands, these will also be discontinued, as they are now part of the Terrains: Minors product.
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