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Dragon Dice is now available on Tabletopia

Tabletopia/Dragon Dice

Dragon Dice is now available to play online on Tabletopia. Join in our tournaments over Discord to play any legal army, or play one of our published 2-player formats online:
Sealed Starter Firewalker vs Treefolk
Constructed Firewalker vs Treefolk
Sealed Amazon Kickers
Sealed Frostwing Kickers
Sealed Kicker (choose your packs in the game)
For a few tips/tricks on how to play, please reference this video.

Earthfang Relic die released

This all-new melee weapon was forged after the mighty axe "Earthfang" from Esfah lore. With SAIs like Bash, Counter, Fly, Sneak Attack, and Smite, this relic comes with great power, but must be wielded with caution...

Pick up Earthfang in our store today!

Frostwings Reprint Kickstarter - In fulfillment

If you backed our Frostwing KickStarter, rewards are being fulfilled now!

See the Kickstarter!

Fulfillment to some of our overseas backers is delayed due to USPS suspending delivery to Australia.
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