PAX Unplugged 2020
November 20-22, 2020
Philadelphia, PA

We hope!


Frostwings Reprint Kickstarter - Sneak peek!

Our next KickStarter is ready to go!

The excitement continues with Frostwings!!

Follow the link to get a Sneak Peek, expected to launch April 2nd, 2021

What ways do we have to see more about Dragon Dice?
There are several ways to follow us for more information:

Tabletopia/Dragon Dice Beta Test

Tabletopia/Dragon Dice

This is a beta version of our two-player starter. The current setup simulates opening a random Firewalker/Treefolk Two-Player starter and places those dice upon the tabletop. Depending on how the Beta version is received we are working on a way to construct an army out of these two species. If constructed armies goes well, we will see what we can implement next! For a few tips/tricks on how to play, please reference this video.

Dice Game